The BIM Top Ten Truths

  1. BIM, in conjunction with Cloud Technology enables efficient building life-cycle management.

  2. BIM embeds robust life-cycle managment PROCESSES within technology to enable rapid implemenation, scalability, transparency, collaboaration and assure consistency.

  3. The ‘I’ within BIM, INFORMATION, in terms of standardized definifitions, data architectures, taxonomies, metrics, etc. is a core component of BIM.

  4. BIM and CLOUD processes/technologies are disruptive and will alter the AEC sector significantly. Everyone’s role changes, as well as how we work and communicate with each other.

  5. Owners must take the lead, they pay the bills… period.

  6. Efficient, collaborative, and integrated construction delivery methods are central to BIM – Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Job Order Contracting (JOC)- the latter is IPD for renovation, repair and sustainabilty projects.

  7. BIM is NOT 3-D visualization, however 3-D visualization is a valuable component of BIM. BIM is a combination processes from mulitple domains, technology, and product solutions.

  8. BIM is the integration of CPMS, CMMS, CAFM, ACD (Adapative Construction Delivery), GIS, BAS, and BPM (bulding product manufactures) methods and data.

  9. Software interoperability is a requirement.

  10. BIM will make the world of planning, architecture, design, engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance of the built environment FLAT.

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  1. “Owners must take the lead, they pay the bills… period.”

    The rest of the team cannot lead? Question Mark?

  2. Thank you for your comment. Of course the rest of the team can lead! However, it is vital that owner also be committed to BIM.

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