Successful BIM Implementation: Learn it, Love it, Live it!

by John Stebbins

I sold my first BIM license in 1988 to a small firm in San Diego (back then we called it object-oriented CAD). Since then, we have helped over 600 architectural and construction firms in southern California and Arizona transition to BIM and we have consolidated our recommendations into a presentation based on our experience.

Here are the key steps in the process of transitioning an entire office, no matter how big or small. If you follow this process as outlined, you WILL be successful and there will be no turning back. BIM is here to stay! Here is the Cliffs Notes version of the transitioning process.

Commitment from principals is essential
Choose a Change Champion
Develop an Implementation Plan
Select a Pilot Project and initial team
Hire a BIM consultant (Embedded Expert)
Setup initial Formal Training
Change vocabulary, change perception
Evaluate Implementation Plan
Create a BIM Manual
Repeat above process on remaining project teams
Start all new projects using the BIM process
Develop ongoing training program to your sharpen skills

For more details on the BIM transitioning process, this resource will assist you. Learn it, love it, then live it: Successful BIM Implementation

Listen to Chuck Good-Man, AIA, Director of Architecture at Irwin Pancake Architects in Costa Mesa speak on how he championed his 40 person firm totally to BIM in a year and a half: Session 2

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