Owners Want Integrated BIM

by James Salmon

More and more owners are following the lead of the General Services Administration (GSA) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and demanding BIM, BIM Templates and, ultimately Integrated BIM that carries critical data from site selection, design and construction through to facilities management.

More and more states are looking into the use of BIM and more and more private owners are as well. While it is great that more owners are demanding more BIM and more sophisticated levels of BIM, there are very few who also demand Integrated Project Delivery. Too many owners view BIM as an end in and of itself and fail to recognize the need for IPD and value of Integrated BIM.

Collaborative Construction and its affiliates work hard to deliver Integrated BIM solutions to owners. We understand the need to utilize Federated BIM when that is all a team is capable of achieving, but we constantly push the envelope and press clients, affiliates and others we come in contact with to seek Integrated BIM solutions.

Too many Owners are demanding BIM and receiving something that looks like a Rubick’s Cube in Braille. Until Owners take the time to integrate their BIM Guidelines into a comprehensive IPD strategy and craft effective BIM Implementation Plans they will continue to receive BIM in a form that is at least as frustrating as a Braille Rubick’s Cube.

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  1. [comment migrated from old website]
    Name: Mike Schettine

    My view is that BIM need to go further to be truly be effective in the marketplace. BIM can make CAD centric templates so the site workmen can be productive on site. Intergration of templates have saved over 15% at the framing stage and have produces 100% better accuracy at the same time.
    Why is the industry stalled at the design stage and not fully engaged and thinking in terms of the project exacution. Handing off blueprints to a person brings technology to a standstill while the real need is to have IPD brought directly to the jobsite via Template Driven Construction.

    I’d like to hear your view.



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