Let’s Make History Together

by Caitlin Leal

Collaboration is in our nature as human beings. We work well in groups; we thrive in aspects both personal and professional when we act on behalf of the greater collective good. We are not meant to be solitary creatures. Nor do we prosper living selfishly in solitary silos. Creating disparate group mentality only furthers negative attitudes and ‘me versus you’ ideology.

No matter which BIM tool(s) you choose to use, I believe collaboration is key. Truly, BIM in only one word is collaboration.

In our industry, the largest in the world, will there ever be a situation in which everyone will use the same software made by one single company? Of course not! We need competition, and I believe it is healthy. However, having a common file format is useful, and I believe necessary. Interoperability between software tools allows for easier flow of information, and greater connectedness among peer groups.

As leaders in BIM technology, our team at Digital Vision is constantly surprised with how little people understand the common file format created by our industry, for our industry: IFC.

Here is a good primer on IFC & Interoperability.

And this AECbytes article, though dated, is still very relevant, and gives a good overview of the IFC building model.

As a group, we have the power to make history – together! Therefore, I leave you with this challenge: let the entire AEC industry come together under the banner of collaborative effort and make IFC and interoperability the new standard. One way to get involved is by joining us in becoming a member of the buildingSMARTalliance.

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.”
– Juliette Gordon Low


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