Integration Today Using Open Standards

by Kimon Onuma, FAIA

BIMStorm was proof that a stunning amount of collaboration and change is possible today with many tools. Yet, tools do not matter. BIM does not matter. Data and knowledge is valuable and BIM is just a container for data. What does matter is how data is exchanged and the process. The “New Brand” gives us broader choices on how data is used which will liberate the industry to get down to business. Technology is not the barrier to change, the cultural shift in how we collaborate is the challenge.

BIMStorm was not perfect. Standards are still evolving. There were surprises, problems and chaos. What was clear is that even today a stunning amount of collaboration is possible in a BIG way, one only needs to accept the new process. Just like the Internet that is never complete, if you wait for standards to be “finished” you will watch the train leave the station. All are welcome aboard, the train is moving fast.

We all learned that as a group we can start to tip the culture of the industry. BIMStorm demonstrated the potential of collaboration with open standards. The future of the “New Brand” is up to us as an industry to define. The horizon is wide open for all that are willing to embrace this change.

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  1. You are so right Kimon. Open Standards want to be the new Brand and that brand should be the IFC file format!

    After almost 25 years in the 2D/3D CAD industry representing vendors, at best I feel that software vendors should be the best IFC generators they can be. We should not surrender the largest industry in the world, the Building Industry, to any vendor’s proprietary file format.

    Vendors of BIM software should be right in there with us as Champions of a Changing Industry, not champions of their own file formats.

    No one software company should control our industry. We should not be held hostage by fear of not being compatible unless we use what “everybody else does” or to a defacto software standard. We should be free to choose the best tool that works for us, knowing that it can communicate with every other tool.

    Let us remember that whoever controls our fear, controls us. So let’s be FREE and not surrender to fear.

  2. IFC still have a a long way to go. But it is the way to go.
    Probably IFC 5×10 in 2020 could support “Ghery” type buildings, and still read walls, claddings, windows, etc…
    By now we have to adapt and keep going on the train.

    At the end, you just need an interface capable to read and write IFC files.

    … I wonder if in the transition era from Drafting tables to CAD were so much expectations…

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