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Barriers to Successful BIM

by Finith Jernigan Today, the issues have shifted and some aspects of the implementation of BIM and integrated delivery are rapidly becoming defacto standards in the design and construction segments of the construction industry. There are however a number of … Continue reading

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BIM and Interoperability

by Kimon Onuma So what is the deal with sharing data between the various BIM applications? Why can’t we open a Revit file in ArchiCAD, or Bentley, or SketchUp or Autocad, or Illustrator? Wait a sec – is Illustrator BIM? … Continue reading

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Let’s Make History Together

by Caitlin Leal Collaboration is in our nature as human beings. We work well in groups; we thrive in aspects both personal and professional when we act on behalf of the greater collective good. We are not meant to be … Continue reading

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