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BIM: The Challenge of Modeling Existing Conditions

by John M. Russo, AIA The first thing an architect or engineer will request when contracting with an owner to create design drawings for renovation work are record drawings, commonly referred to as “as-builts.” However, it’s not uncommon to find … Continue reading

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BIM and Life-cycle Facility Management

by Peter Cholakis The rapidly changing global economic and environmental landscapes demand efficient life-cycle building management processes. While proactive, knowledge-based capital reinvestment processes have been successfully applied, such as Capital Planning and Management Systems; these depend upon quantitative physical and … Continue reading

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The BIM Top Ten Truths

BIM, in conjunction with Cloud Technology enables efficient building life-cycle management. BIM embeds robust life-cycle managment PROCESSES within technology to enable rapid implemenation, scalability, transparency, collaboaration and assure consistency. The ‘I’ within BIM, INFORMATION, in terms of standardized definifitions, data … Continue reading

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Barriers to Successful BIM

by Finith Jernigan Today, the issues have shifted and some aspects of the implementation of BIM and integrated delivery are rapidly becoming defacto standards in the design and construction segments of the construction industry. There are however a number of … Continue reading

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4 Take-aways from Chicago’s BIM Forum

by Federico Negro Last week I had the pleasure of presenting our work on the construction of the Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame by Trahan Architects at the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) BIM Forum in … Continue reading

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BIM and Interoperability

by Kimon Onuma So what is the deal with sharing data between the various BIM applications? Why can’t we open a Revit file in ArchiCAD, or Bentley, or SketchUp or Autocad, or Illustrator? Wait a sec – is Illustrator BIM? … Continue reading

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Integrated BIM

by James L. Salmon, Esq. The current best efforts at BIM result in something called a Federated BIM Model, which is an amalgamation of models created on disparate software platforms by a series of disparate entities bound together, at best, … Continue reading

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Organizational Change – Part I : The Catalyst

by Paolo Hilario One of the greatest challenges when instituting any form of technology or process changes within an organization is gaining the impetus necessary to fully realize the change. I have had the fortune of meeting many amazingly brilliant … Continue reading

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Mind the BIM Gap

by Sean D. Burke Sometimes it takes going very fast to be able to slow down and appreciate what is happening around you. About two years ago, rolling back and forth along one of my many weekly train rides down … Continue reading

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BIM for the Construction Business Owner

by Marc Goldman The word “building” is a funny word. By reading this article, I can practically guarantee your initial understanding of it will be the physical assembly of parts that you work on 200+ days a year. Your definition … Continue reading

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