Architects and BIM

by Radha Eswar

BIM has the potential to offer financial and creative opportunities for architectural firms. But architects need to change the way they approach design to be able to do so and in turn enable changes to software that would make their creativity more enhanced.

The biggest mind set change that an architect has to bring about is the one that deals with thinking of design from implementation perspective instead of looking at it only from the form and function perspective. Every aspect of design would mean materials and systems also and not just spaces and forms. It would include embodied energy, water and waste management and energy efficiency through correct environmental solutions.

There should never be a ‘going back to the drawing table’ instead there should never be a step forward in any design phase without having designed to perfection, all aspects of aesthetics, system integration and materials specification. Design should be in terms of all inclusive, integrated blocks. Architects should take lead in educating contractors on taking up to BIM processes. This would help in communication and coordination and reduce costs arising from re-fabrication of parts in buildings. The myth that architects can only draw pretty perspectives and cannot develop painless detailing should go.

Instead of staying aloof in groups and moaning over the effect software has on creativity of individual architects, if they could get together to lead the way for better coordination of converting their dreams to reality, they would end up reaping lots of benefits financially and in the process would have learnt a new and better way of being creative.

This article was contributed by Radha Eswar at ATF India an endeavour from the ecopreneurship cell of Alt Tech Foundation.

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