All Together Now

by Caitlin Leal

I have noticed in recent weeks that many of the forum discussions about Building Information Modeling contain the word ‘versus’. This accomplishes only one thing: it pits people against one another. In the age of information, we have such a vast amount of knowledge and connections available to us, yet we still resort to limiting tendencies.

In the building industry, collaboration between all disciplines is the healthiest practice and the best hope for the future.

Rather than bickering about which tool is superior, or waging software feature wars, we need to open our minds and change our habits. Many people and talents are needed to build a building, so why not use many tools to design and document that building?

Collaboration and Integrated Project Delivery are the hot-button topics in the emerging world of BIM; and in order for projects to be truly collaborative, we must set aside our penchants for favoritism, and our egos, and make ‘open’ the new standard.

Be open to change, be open to learning and using multiple tools, be open to exchanging information in more ways than one!

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