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The Skinny on Laser Scanning

by John Stebbins About 10 years ago I began to realize that the whole world needs to be modeled. There is becoming a huge need for what are often called “digital as-builts” – 3D models based on how buildings are … Continue reading

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by Mark Sawyer Why not start with Controversy #1? From the owner’s perspective, if the architect is BIM-savvy and produces a 3D model as part of his workproduct, why can’t the general contractor and subs use that model to plan … Continue reading

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Successful BIM Implementation: Learn it, Love it, Live it!

by John Stebbins I sold my first BIM license in 1988 to a small firm in San Diego (back then we called it object-oriented CAD). Since then, we have helped over 600 architectural and construction firms in southern California and … Continue reading

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It’s a BIM-new World

by John Stebbins As Building Information Modeling becomes a powerful force in transforming the building industry…the largest industry in the world…it is more and more important for professionals in the industry to become familiar and conversant with the emerging terminology … Continue reading

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