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Integration Today Using Open Standards

by Kimon Onuma, FAIA BIMStorm was proof that a stunning amount of collaboration and change is possible today with many tools. Yet, tools do not matter. BIM does not matter. Data and knowledge is valuable and BIM is just a … Continue reading

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Constructing BIM Education in the 21st Century

by Frank Paul Gennaccaro There appears to be an inverse relationship between the economy and education. When the economy is performing well, people feel less inclined and have less time to become better educated. But during times of economic turmoil … Continue reading

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BIM, the First 21 Years

by John Stebbins, Assoc. AIA “You mean you can build buildings in 3D on a computer,” I said to a sales rep at a trade show 21 years ago, the first time I saw a building created using a 3D … Continue reading

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The Leadership Secrets of Geese by John Stebbins, Assoc. AIA March 24 ’09

I have been saying for years that BIM is about collaboration. We can learn a lot about collaboration from the animal kingdom. We have all observed that geese fly in a wedge formation and that there is always a lead … Continue reading

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